About Hitched Events

we vow to plan an event that's perfectly you

Here's the thing about being wedding planners...

We’ve been doing this for more than a decade. We’ve planned hundreds of Dallas weddings. Hell, we’ve planned our own weddings! (Kimberly got hitched in 2011 and Stephanie has been married since 2008.)

So is wedding planning fun for us? Absolutely.

But the thing that makes us truly love this work is not planning just another wedding — it’s planning your wedding.

Being introduced to your parents and hearing their hopes for the day. Finding ways to incorporate your dog into the ceremony. Helping you organize special surprises for the wedding party so they feel taken care of. Picking out the most amazing table linen that we just know you’ll love.

Understanding what you want and making that dream come true is our superpower.

“Kimberly’s warmth and professionalism were evident from our very first meeting with her. Throughout the 12+ months of planning, she was our advocate, consultant, advisor, and friend. Choosing Kimberly was instrumental in allowing us to have an incredibly relaxed wedding day; we could focus on enjoying the day knowing she was making sure everything was taking place as it should.” — Suzanne, mother of the bride

Meet the planning Team

Kimberly Rhodes

Owner & Principal Event Planner

I’ve never been one to do things the “typical” way. I left a respectable job at a New York City non-profit to start my own business near my alma mater in Big D (talk about Ponying Up!). We only accept 10 full-service events each year, not 52. I personally plan each wedding instead of handing off my clients to sub-contracted planners. Oh, and I go by Kimberly, not Kim. Maybe that makes me unconventional. But you know what else is unconventional? Winning more than a dozen industry awards, serving as president of the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the National Association of Catering and Events, and hosting two top wedding industry podcasts.


I don’t mind standing out from the crowd — and I get a feeling that you don’t either. Sounds like we’re meant to be, no?!

Stephanie torres

Event Coordinator

Some might say it’s a far leap from getting a bachelor’s from SMU and master’s from the University of Southern California in communications to building a career in wedding planning, but they’d be wrong. Weddings and events are a way to communicate. Colors, music, flowers and other details all say something to your guests about your personality, your values, and your love story. And that’s what makes my job so fun.


As a logistics guru and Kimberly’s right-hand woman, I spend my days helping you bring this unique form of communication to life. So back away from the wedding planning spreadsheets, and put down your measuring tape — we’ve got it from here.

“I keep referencing just Kimberly, but I'd be remiss not to acknowledge the whole team! Stephanie was also a joy to work with. When we were interviewing wedding planners, my mom and I found most were flying solo. The fact that Kimberly has a team means that no detail gets missed, and someone is always available. Priceless!” — Emma, bride

Welcome to our Family

When you work with Hitched Events, you’re letting us into your family to help plan your special day. And we reciprocate that love by welcoming you into our family, too — complete with inside jokes, four shoulders to cry on, and a warm hug when we run into you at happy hour a year later.


Cheesy? Maybe. But also true? Definitely!