The Blogging Bride – Lindsay

If you regularly follow our blog then you already know this.. but we LOVE our clients! They’re just the best to work with and they have some great words of wisdom, too!

Join us as we start to feature some of our past clients on our newest series, The Blogging Bride. You’ll get to know our fabulous couples a little better and get some great advice on all things wedding planning.. and look at some really pretty pictures! First up is Lindsay!

Summer wedding at Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX couple posing behind wall of suspended white tulips - Photos by Jenny & Eddie

Couple: Lindsay and Jacob

Wedding date: August 1, 2015

Ceremony location: Meyerson Symphony Center

Reception location: Meyerson Symphony Center

Photographer: Jenny & Eddie

Hitched Events: How did you and Jacob meet?

Lindsay Fleming: We met while in college at SMU. We were in the same scholarship program together, and I immediately developed a huge crush on Jacob the very first time I saw him during my sophomore year.

HE: Tell us about your engagement!

LF: After I graduated from SMU (Jacob had already graduated a year before me), we took a celebratory trip to Puerto Rico, which is where my mom and her family are from. I hadn’t been since I was a kid, and Jacob had never been before, so I was really excited about going and showing him the island that holds such a special place in my heart. During the first part of the trip, we stayed on a tiny little island off the coast of Puerto Rico called Vieques. My cousin Carla (who lives in Puerto Rico) and her husband were there with us, and together we snuck into the very fancy pool at the W Hotel, which is supposed to be off limits to anyone who isn’t staying at the hotel (and we weren’t staying there). After successfully trespassing, Jacob suggested we go take some photos over a small cliff that was overlooking the ocean since the sun was starting to set. At first, I was not having it because my hair was all wet from the pool, but not like in that Victoria’s Secret model kind of way, which was very upsetting for me. Jacob and Carla eventually dragged me over there, and as we started to pose for photos, Jacob pulled a ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee, and my cousin and her husband were able to capture the whole thing on camera! Needless to say, I wasn’t as grumpy about my hair situation anymore 🙂Outdoor engagement photos in Dallas, TX with bride in red dress and groom in suit with hat posing in front of red brick wall - Photos by Jenny & Eddie

Vintage feel outdoor engagement photos in Dallas, TX bride in red dress groom in suit with matching hat - Photos by Jenny & EddieHE: How long was your engagement? 

LF: We got engaged in May of 2014, and our wedding was in August of 2015, so our engagement was a little over a year long. A lot of people thought that sounded like a long time to be engaged, but honestly, it went by SO quickly and I have no idea how we would’ve gotten all the wedding prep done without that much time!

HE: You can check out more of Lindsay and Jacob’s engagement photos here

HE: What did you pick first.. the date or the venue? 

LF: We picked the date first because we pretty much only had one Saturday that would work with Jacob’s medical school schedule. I still can’t believe how lucky we were, because the date we had chosen (August 1st) was the only Saturday that my dream venue, The Meyerson Symphony Center, had available that year! Talk about something being meant to be!

Modern wedding head table with lucite tables and chairs and white tulips as floral centerpieces - Photos by Jenny & EddieHE: Tell us about how the planning process went for you.

LF: Jacob and I were actually not living in the same city for most of the time we were engaged (he had moved to Nashville to start medical school at Vanderbilt about a month after we got engaged), but luckily, Jacob is extremely easy-going and told me that my mom and I could pretty much pick everything out and make all of the decisions and we just needed to tell him what to wear and what time to show up. So my mom basically took Jacob’s place during the wedding planning process. She helped me with every decision I had to make, and she made the whole process SO much easier for me.

Bride and mom sharing a moment before summer wedding ceremony mother of bride in light blue dress bride in strapless bridal gown with buttons - Photos by Jenny & Eddie

Groom in light grey tux with white pocket square and single white tulip boutonniere - Photos by Jenny & Eddie

HE: What was a must have for your wedding?

LF: The only request that Jacob had was that he didn’t want to see me on our wedding day until I was walking down the aisle. He was adamant that he didn’t want to have a “first look” before the ceremony. I’m so glad we saved that moment for when I walked down the aisle because it really did make that moment feel so much more special.

Bride and groom holding hands around corner instead of having first look before summer wedding ceremony at Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX - Photos by Jenny & Eddie

HE: What is your favorite memory from your wedding?

LF: My favorite memory was definitely right after the reception was over and we had the driver of our getaway car take us straight to Whataburger for some Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits. Jacob and I were both starving since we barely ate anything at the reception; the food was delicious, but our levels of adrenaline were so high at that point that we barely any appetite when dinner was served! So a little after midnight, we pulled up to Whataburger in a vintage Bentley, and walked right in, me in my wedding dress and Jacob in his tux, and ordered our favorite fast food meal as everyone in the restaurant cheered.

HE: Describe your overall experience with your wedding.

LF: I had a very specific idea in my head of how I wanted everything to look and how I wanted things done, and I was almost in shock that my very unique vision was actually able to come to life. That night really did feel magical.Summer wedding ceremony altar at Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX with suspended white tulip wall and white draping - Photos by Jenny & Eddie

Bridesmaids in floor length light blue dresses and bride in white strapless down carrying white tulip wedding bouquets - Photos by Jenny & EddieFive tiered square cake with floating layers and sugar flowers cascading down cake in front of wall of suspended white tulips - Photos by Jenny & Eddie

HE: If you could give one piece of advice to a couple in the process of planning their wedding, what would it be?

LF: Make a point of taking as many moments as possible during your wedding day/night to really feel present in the moment and take mental snapshots of how you feel, how everything looks, the people who are surrounding you at that moment, etc. I’m so glad I did this because I can look back and really remember that day very vividly, rather than looking back and thinking it was all a blur.

Bride and groom dancing at summer wedding reception at Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX - Photos by Jenny & Eddie

Thanks for sharing, Lindsay!

Need to see more of Lindsay and Jacob’s wedding photos.. or maybe their sneak peek wedding video? Of course you do! Jenny & Eddie and Candlelight Films just did such a fantastic job of capturing their big day.. so go check them out! Oh.. and did we mention their wedding was also featured in DWeddings Magazine? Yep.. this was a great wedding y’all!


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